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Steve Nash Youth Basketball is a national youth basketball initiative designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love for the game of basketball. The program objectives focus on participation, education, development, progression and character building.


SNYB Objectives


Participation: Introduce, provide opportunities, and encourage participation for children/youth across Canada to be a part of Steve Nash Youth Basketball - developing young athletes, creating a passion, and exposing them to the values, qualities, and skills required to succeed in basketball and in life.


Education: Address the need for young developing players to receive skill and developmental stage appropriate coaching following CS4L Long Term Athlete Development model; while educating parents of their role towards their children's development.


Development: Create a developmental pathway for coaches and officials of Steve Nash Youth Basketball through introduction to New NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) module and officials training through the Canadian Association of Basketball Officials.


Progression: Further encourage children and youth with development potential to higher level performance by providing a consistent national development model that speaks to skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are required for participants/athletes to safely progress and achieve maximum development in the sport of basketball.


Character Building: Allow participants to have the opportunity to maximize their potential, while promoting the importance of youth basketball as a vehicle to build character, discipline, self-esteem, and sportsmanship.



Each child that participates in the program will receive:


• Steve Nash Youth Basketball Reversible Jersey

• Molten Basketball

• SNYB Drawstring Bag

• Water Bottle

• Poster

• Certificate of Participation



Grades 3-6



$125 per child


Dates and Time

Fridays 4:30-6pm beginning November 17, 2017 (12 sessions) - When there is no school on a Friday, there will be no session.



Gus Wetter School


Registration Deadline

Registration can be completed by visiting the Recreation Office. Deadline for registration and payment is November 10, 2017.


Registration Form